Not all Republicans are created equal. We are under attack from our own party!

We must rid DC of these traitorous politicians.

Democrats are off the rails and need to be held to account for the ever growing list of offenses against Americans.


We must stop those who are working so hard to cancel everything that everyday Americans do!


My first priority is to protect the First Amendment. As big tech companies and the government attempts to gain more control over American lives, our First Amendment freedoms become more and more tenuous. To ensure we maintain a democratic government, and the liberties democracy provides, we must vigorously protect the First Amendment by pushing back on government and big tech extremism and discrimination.


The Second Amendment was designed to ensure American’s had the ability to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. The right of American’s to bear arms is a fundamental right that must be protected, and the Supreme Court of the United States agrees. In 2008, the Court clarified the Second Amendment was meant to protect an individual’s inherent right to own guns for lawful purposes. We must IMMEDIATELY stop ALL lawmakers who attempt to infringe upon this right in any way.


In the first week of his Presidency, Joe Biden immediately put nearly 100,000 Americans out of work and he has his eye on destroying other sectors of business as well. As we continue to navigate the economic turmoil created by the pandemic and a Biden administration, we must get away from the tax and spend mindset, while also enacting comprehensive tax reform. I support American’s keeping their hard-earned money and ensuring businesses are not regulated to the point of failure.


Legal immigration supports the very foundation of our country. Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country sends the wrong message and is unfair to those who have followed the process. Allowing illegal immigrants to remain simply encourages others to follow suit; therefore, granting a path to citizenship to anyone who in this country illegally should not occur. We need immigration reform now more than ever.

Rene Can’t Do This Without You!